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Behind SjømatPulsen are Intrafish.no and Fiskeribladet - which is Norways largest media house for the seafood industry.

We continuously work to develop new concepts and communication to bring you the most important news and best cases from the industry. This has resulted in, among other things, SjømatPulsen.

SjømatPulsen is a live and online event, where you who work in or close to the seafood industry, gain useful insight into topics that affect the entire industry.

We take the pulse of the industry, bring in key people, companies and shed light on issues to keep you up to date.

Webinars 2023:

Thursday 26 January: Tracking and reporting

Thursday 9 March: Winter fishing

Thursday 7 June: Aquaculture policy

October: Fishing

December: This is how 2024 will be

See recordings of previous SjømatPulsen webinars here

You can find more information about the next webinar at SjømatPulsen.no

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